Is it healthy to watch gay porn?

Things are not what always they seem; at least when it comes to porn viewing. This is all according to statistics obtained from top porn sites such as Pornhub Their stats reveal that each day, millions of people are watching pornography on their site and tons of others adult pages. That in itself may be not be big news since most already know that smut has become extremely popular the past few years. What is interesting or newsworthy is the type of pornography folks are watching. In addition, who those individuals who are viewing the certain kind of porno are.

Recent data compiled from top adult sites show a large portion of people are watching gay porn. But more than that, the stats show many of those individuals looking at gay sex videos are straight folks. Whether it is women or men, they are heterosexual and living straight lifestyles. Truth is most expect only gay men or lesbian women to be the ones watching gay pornography. But data compiled from top porno sites shows otherwise. Heterosexual men and women make up a large number of the gay porno viewers.

Perhaps that is why all of this is leaving many wondering about this behavior. Some speculate whether or not is healthy to watch gay porn. It could be the viewers themselves or someone close to them. However, looking at gay pornography is no different than watching any other kind. Besides being a different genre, it is still adult content. The real issue is what has already been established by studies and research. Several researches have shown that those who spend too much time looking at pornography, can end up having issues down the road. It could be at work, in their relationships or how they treat others in their lives. Once a person becomes addicted to pornography, certain problems arise.

Of course this is what typically happens with any type of addiction. It doesn’t matter if it’s drugs, gambling, pornography or anything else. In the long run, being dependent on something becomes a negative and detrimental issue for most as time passes by. Still, there are other reasons why some may think that watching gay porn is not healthy for them. More than they may feel about looking at regular or straight porn. Part of that has to do with how society has treated homosexuality itself in the past. And how religious teachings always frown upon the homosexual lifestyles.

Most religions – regardless of the denomination – are generally emphatic about their negative views on homosexuality. Additionally, how they feel about pornography in general. It may be a leading reason why some will continue to ask themselves if watching gay porn is healthy.

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