Gay men are many in numbers all over the globe. There are men who are openly gay, and there are those who still hide behind a mask of complete masculinity. Many gay men are obvious in their gaits and in the fashion sense, and there are gays who act and dresses like straight men, but are open about their sexuality. But where do gays come from? What are the theories surrounding their existence? There are so many talks about the origins and creation of gay men, some are with backing theories, some are pure speculation. The most researched theories behind gays are:

Early fixation hypothesis

The early fixation hypothesis is about the prenatal and environmental influences that highly affect the function and regulation of the masculinization of a baby’s brain while still forming in the womb of the mother. This theory states that the food consumption, medications, vitamins, maternal stress, maternal and fetus immune system, and direct injection plays a huge role on the development of the baby’s sexuality.

Gay uncle hypothesis

Gay uncle hypothesis is concerning gay uncles who dote on their nephews because they have no children of their own. Gay uncles are known to provide for their siblings and nephews, giving extra attention to young children. And that close relationship somehow influences young boys to idolize their gay uncles, and ends up becoming gay themselves when they grew older.

Exotic becomes erotic theory

Exotic becomes erotic theory evolve around the studies that shows that gender-nonconforming children feels different from gender-conforming children of the same sex. That difference turns into curiosity and attraction, and later in life greatly affects their sexuality. This means that young boys who likes to play with girl toys gets attracted to young boys who plays with boy toys. And so while boys are still children, how they harmlessly play with toys is important.